There could be bugs or other issues with your Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus. You can get firmware updates to fix any problems that you might have.

While new software updates are in development to correct these issues, we’ll still explain how to manually check the Galaxy S20+ Plus for Android firmware updates.

Manually searching for Android firmware updates for the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus is recommended. Automatic Update can take some time to identify the latest firmware needed for the Galaxy S20+ Plus. Below is a guide for how to search and download the latest Android firmware for your Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus.

How to verify Android firmware updates:

  • Turn on Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus
  • Start at the top of the screen and go to the Menu Page
  • Select Settings
  • Then select About device
  • The top of the screen shows Software Updates
  • Select the listing and click the “Update now”.
  • If there’s a new firmware version available, you will be able to download and install that firmware.

Where can I get the latest firmware version for Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus

is an excellent website for checking the latest firmware versions for the Galaxy S20+ Plus. It will display the latest firmware updates of any model of Samsung smartphone, including both the S20 and S20+ Plus models. They often update the website frequently.

It’s important that you note that your Galaxy S20/S20+ Plus may have been root. This means you won’t be able receive any official updates from the manufacturer. So you must keep searching for the latest firmware for your Galaxy S20/S20+ Plus.

Navigate to Settings and find out the current firmware number for your device. Navigate to About Device > Build number. You can also dial * # 1234 # to verify which firmware version you are using.

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