Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus owners may be interested to learn how they can customize their notification menu. The notification bar menu allows you to quickly access Bluetooth and WiFi settings. Below, we will explain how to change the options in both the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus’s notification drawers and pulldown bars.

You might have noticed on the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus that there are several toggles on the notification pulldown bar. There may also be a slider to change your display brightness depending on your carrier. With two fingers, you can pull down the notification bar to access the “Quick Settings” menu. You can edit the notification bar of both the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus by going to this page. This guide will help you edit and set up your own notification bars. Please follow these instructions.

How To Customize Samsung Galaxy S20 Notification Box

  • Turn on Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+.
  • Pull down on the notification bar to access Quick Settings.
  • Scroll to the top and click on the pencil.
  • Depending on which wireless carrier you have, you’ll be taken to the Notification Panel edit settings area. Here you can delete the brightness adjustment slider, as well as all the quick settings buttons you wish to customize.
  • To remove a toggle, press and hold it. After it is highlighted, you can drag it to wherever you like.

Now, after following the above steps you will be able to view your customized toggles or settings for the Active buttons. This is the list that appears when you pull down the notification bar. There’s also the larger Quick Settings menu that you can access using a swipe of your two fingers.

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