The Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus comes with a brand new camera. These cameras are equipped with a new technology that allows for fast shutter and auto-focus. This also makes it possible to take better low-light photos and provide a great overall experience. Some have found that the Galaxy S20 is slow and can cause frustration for users.

Others will see the Galaxy S20 message telling them to “Hold your device steady until it finishes the picture”, with a circle taking forever. If you are having trouble with this message and need to fix it, here is a guide.

How do I fix slow Galaxy S20 camera performance

The Galaxy S20 picture stabilizer is a night-time feature. The slow camera on the Galaxy S20 is caused by this feature, which is turned off by default. You can fix the slow shutter speed on the Galaxy S20 as well as the Galaxy S20+ Plus by following these instructions:

  • Turn on Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+.
  • Open the Camera app.
  • Click on Settings to access the settings section.
  • Look for “Picture Stabilization”, and disable it.

If you follow these steps, your Galaxy S20 camera will be faster and you will get better pictures that aren’t blurry. Picture Stabilization is a feature of the Galaxy S20 that allows users to take better photos in low light conditions. By keeping the shutter open for longer, you can capture more light and detail. This means that you will need to be very steady and patient while waiting. You can blur the lines of the photo by making even the smallest movement with your hand.

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