Being outside with friends on sunny days and sharing the amazing weather with them is the best feeling. If your sunglasses fall off, it can really dampen your mood. This happened to me with my Ray Ban sunglasses. The screw broke off the arm hinge and the sunglasses fell off my face.

These sunglasses seemed like damaged goods, so I decided to go out and get a new pair. I was just about to make another purchase when I checked my bank accounts and discovered that I couldn’t afford a brand new pair of Ray Bans. I had to fix my Ray Ban sunglasses.

To start, I went to the local glasses store to see if they had spare screws that would fit. However, they didn’t have any and suggested I visit a specialty hardware store. After visiting a few hardware stores around the city I still wasn’t able to repair my Ray Ban sunglasses.

Ray Ban Repair Kit

I was going to give up and send my money for a new pair, thinking that it was impossible to find any Ray Ban replacement screw. However, a friend of mine told me that he also had Ray Ban replacement screws and that he folded some Ray Ban replacement screws on

I went to the store to see if they were worth it. The screws were reasonablely priced so I decided to give it another shot.

I bought two Ray Ban repair kit and ordered an additional one in case the first one falls out. quickly shipped my order and I received the package in a matter of days.

The screw was very easy to put in and it was possible to transform my Ray Ban sunglasses into a new pair of Ray Ban sunglasses in a matter minutes. I saved hundreds by not having the need to purchase a new pair Ray Bans.

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