Mold Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

Mold and mildew can be dangerous to you, your family, or your pets’ health in the environment. Professional mold inspectors in San Jose can help with mold removal and the following.

Mold Exposure Symptoms Include:

• Headaches

• Cough

• Runny Nose

• Coughing

• Sneezing

• Watery Eyes

• Fatigue

San Jose Mold Inspections and Testing

Mold is a fungus that develops in the manner of hyphae, which are multicellular threads. Mold requires a wet atmosphere to thrive. Mold colonies thrive mostly in this temperate environment. The visible mold does not need extensive testing or examination. Mold specialists in San Jose inspects your house for moisture infiltration sites that seem to be the source of the problem for San Jose households and industrial building owners.

Do You Have Severe Allergies, or Are You Constantly Sick?

You might have had non-visible mold colonies if you or your family gets sick frequently. We can detect your house where mold is a concern using our modern testing technology and professional understanding of waterproofing flaws. Mold inspectors in San Jose can help prevent this from happening again in the future.

Why Biocide Fogging or Demolition-Free Remediation Isn’t a Good Idea?

Some firms promise “demolition-free” mold eradication of “biocide fogging.” For mold cleanup in San Jose, the best professional mold specialists San Jose doesn’t entirely advocate using gas, vapor-phase, or inhalation biocides. Owners of pets may be at risk from these items.

These approaches have not been proved for being 100 percent successful, and they do not guarantee that non-viable mold spores will not cause environmental health problems.

Other businesses promote this approach since it is both profitable and labor-saving. The concept of non-invasive and damaging procedures appeals to homeowners, yet they are ineffective. The amount you saved on the first cleanup will pale in comparison to the cost of returning to correct the problem with a professional mold inspector in San Jose.

What Does EPA Have to Say Regarding Mold Remediation & Cleaning?

Mold cleanup in San Jose is the process of removing mold from a structure to avoid human exposure or harm to building supplies and furniture. This is not enough to simply destroy the mold; it is also essential to clear up the mold infestation. Dead mold can still cause allergies, and specific finished molds are poisonous. Therefore, using a biocide, including chlorine bleach, as one regular practice during San Jose mold cleanup is not advised.

It is neither feasible nor practical to sterilize a place using standard mold remediation procedures; a baseline level of mold and mildew will stay in the environment (about comparable to or less than the levels in outside air).

Standard disinfectants and biocides need constant ventilation. Ventilation may be required to bring in fresh air from outside. Fans, on the other hand, can spread mold spores over an untouched region. Also, keep in mind that biocides can be harmful to both individuals and mold.

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