Mold can grow in any room of a home, even closets. Mold growth can be facilitated by moisture accumulating in closets. It is important to keep closets dry in order to prevent mold growth.

Here are some tips to stop mold growth in your closets

  • Before you store clothes in your closets, make sure they are dry completely. Mold growth can be accelerated by moisture in clothing.
  • Keep only clean clothes and items in your closets. Dirt and organic materials can be food sources for mold.
  • Avoid putting clothes and other items in too tight spaces. To reduce moisture, let air circulate between them.
  • Avoid storing clothes inside plastic tubs or other sealed containers. Use a cotton sheet as a breathable packaging.
  • To prevent moisture from getting under your items, don’t place them on the floor.
  • To improve air circulation, choose plastic-coated wire shelves over solid shelves.
  • When possible, leave closets open. For better air circulation, replace solid closet doors by louvered ones.
  • Do not open closets in high humidity areas, especially when you are using them for moisture production (e.g., cooking or showering).
  • A low-wattage lightbulb should be placed in your closets. Keep it away from clothing and other flammable items. The light should be on for at least two hours. The warmth of the bulb keeps the clothes and closet dry.
  • Clean, dry, and empty your closets on occasion. This will ensure that they are kept clean and dry, which reduces the likelihood of mold growth.
  • To remove moisture from your home’s air, you can use an air conditioner or dehumidifier.
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