Mold thrives in damp and dark environments. Mold can grow in dark and damp areas, such as the basement or bathroom. However, houseplant soil can provide ideal conditions for mold growth. Mold can be found on plants or in the soil of houseplants. You should take immediate action to avoid potential health problems and damage to your plant. Learn how to remove mold from soil and plants.

How to prevent mold from houseplant soil

  • For all new plants, or to change the soil, use healthy and sterile soil. Use commercial potting soil to provide nutrients for your houseplants.
  • Avoid overwatering plants. Mold thrives when it is moist. Too much water can encourage mold spores development. You should water your plants after the soil has dried to the top 2 inches, or 1/4 of its total volume.
  • Regularly clean the soil of any leaves or debris, and remove dead leaves. Organic debris can help mold grow better. Remember to remove dead parts from your plants.
  • Your plants need plenty of light and ventilation. Artificial light or sunlight is important for both plant growth and mold repellence. Ventilation, such as a fan at a low setting, allows airborne particles and gases to freely circulate around your plant.

How to get rid of mold from houseplant soil

  • The mold is usually fuzzy and white. You can use a spoon to remove the soil that is moldy. To protect your health, wear a dust mask when removing mold. It is best to repot the plant if there is a lot of mold.
  • Add an anti-fungal agent to the soil after removing the mold. To prevent the mold from resurfacing, you can sprinkle baking soda or cinnamon. Spread the anti-fungal evenly and avoid using too much.
  • Remove any mold from the plant immediately. Use a dampened paper towel to gently remove the mold. Make sure you dry the paper towel after each wipe. To prevent mold spores from spreading, make sure to replace the paper towel after all surfaces have been touched. Any leaves with visible mold should be removed.
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