Cat urine can sometimes get very deep into carpet and other surfaces, causing the smell to persist. If your carpet pad is retaining most of the cat urine smell, it may be worth having it replaced. Sometimes, it can be difficult to eliminate cat urine smell on your own.

Carpet cleaning by a professional is the best way to eliminate cat urine smells. Avoid using a ‘ol carpet cleaning company. Ask your cleaners these three important questions.

  1. Are you using hot water extraction?
  2. Are you a specialist in cleaning urine and/or pets?
  3. Are your technicians using a pre scrub solution and a blacklight to locate staining?

Don’t spend your money on other carpet cleaning methods if you don’t meet these criteria. This may not be as costly as you think. It would cost $110 to clean two carpet areas (ex. living room and bedroom) with specialty pet cleaning methods. Not so bad right? It’s possible!

We know that professional cleaners are not the best choice so we offer our best advice about what household cleaning products to use to achieve the best results.

There are some easy DIY solutions that you can use to get rid of cat urine smells. Cat accidents can happen. What about accidents that are not cleaned up properly but still leave behind strong cat urine odors? It can cause a problem in your home if the urine smells like cat urine. But it doesn’t last long!


  • First and foremost

It is essential to absorb and remove as much urine as possible . It doesn’t matter if the urine is on your upholstery or on your carpet, it’s better to remove as much of it as possible to ensure the best outcome. To avoid staining and musky odors, it is best to get rid of the urine as soon as possible.

  • It’s good news! Good news!

There are many ingredients that can be used to reduce the smell in your home. These are two DIY products that will help you with your cleaning. (Warning! Do not use any ammonia- based cleaning products to clean cats urine. This will only make the problem worse.)

  • Vinegar & Water:

Vinegar is a powerful solution to the unpleasant smell of cat urine. Vinegar is an acidic product that neutralizes bacteria in urine stains from cats. Spray the solution onto any fabric or floor by mixing white vinegar or apple cider vinigar in water. To apply the solution, use a paper towel or old towel to rub it. Continue this process until you are satisfied with the results.

  • Hydrogen-peroxide

To further remove the odor, hydrogen-peroxide can be used right after you have applied the vinegar and water solution. Hydrogen-peroxide works best on hardwood floors that have cat urine smells. However, it can also be used to clean carpets, couches and clothing. CatCentric states that hydrogen peroxide has a 30% higher oxidizing capacity than chlorine. This will eliminate the cat urine ammonia smell. Hydrogen-peroxide can be used to eliminate the unpleasant smell of cat urine. Simply pour it on the area and allow it to rest for at most 5 minutes. Next, repeat the process of blotting. This may cause discoloration. Test a small area first.

  • Baking soda:

Baking soda is great at removing the odor of urine. Baking soda is made from sodium bicarbonate, which is a great substance for absorbing odors. After you have cleaned your cat’s urine from the carpet, or on furniture, sprinkle the baking soda onto the area. Make sure to dry the area thoroughly before applying it. After letting the baking soda sit for around 15-30 minutes, vacuum the entire area. It is impossible to get rid of all baking soda even with a vacuum.

  • Reducing the chances of cat urine accidents occurring again

This is the most important step and it can be done in many ways.

  • Keep your cat litter clean!

Even cats don’t like to use a dirty bathroom, so they may choose to use your carpet. This problem can be solved by cleaning your cat’s litter regularly.

  • Retraining.

Sometimes cats need to be reminded where they should go when they are young kittens or introduced into new environments. Your cat will appreciate your patience and showing them where the litter is. When they use their litter, it is important to praise them.

  • Add extra litter boxes.

It is a good idea to have multiple litter boxes if you have cats. This will allow your cats to have more space to do their business.

  • Place dog-training urine pads underneath their litter box.
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