Some Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus owners have complained that their new smartphones do not sound right. The Galaxy S20 has a problem with volume, sound and music when it’s making or taking calls. If this happens, the Galaxy S20 can’t listen to the caller or they aren’t able to hear them correctly.

The following guide will show you how to fix the Galaxy S20’s volume problem. You can follow the guide to fix audio issues on Galaxy S20+ Plus.

Galaxy S20 audio not working?

  • Turn off your smartphone. Next, take out the SIM card and then insert it back on to the smartphone.
  • Make sure to remove any dirt, debris, and dust stuck in the microphone.
  • Bluetooth can sometimes cause audio issues. Try turning off Bluetooth and seeing if that solves the audio issue on your Galaxy S20.
  • Removing cache from your smartphone will resolve audio problems.
  • You can also set the Galaxy S20 to Recovery Mode.
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