Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus owners need to know how to shut down background apps. This will save you battery life and reduce the data usage. Apps running in the background will always try to connect to the Internet for updates, using data and consuming battery life. To make the most of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus’s features, it’s a good idea not to use background apps.

The majority of apps on your phone are open 24/7 and constantly browse the web to find new emails. It is possible to save battery life with the Galaxy S20+ Plus. Below are instructions for how to disable background applications on Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus.

How to close background programs:

  • Turn on the smartphone
  • Choose Recents
  • Tap on Active apps
  • Select End
  • Tap on OK

How do I close and disable background information for all services?

  • Turn on the smartphone
  • Choose Settings
  • Browse and select Data usage
  • For the Context Menu, tap the three dots
  • Uncheck Auto-sync data
  • Tap OK

How can you disable background data for Gmail or other Google services?

  • Turn on the smartphone
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Accounts
  • Select Google
  • Tap on the name of your account
  • Clear the Google Services background that you don’t wish to use

How to disable background information for Twitter:

  1. Turn on your smartphone
  2. Go To Settings
  3. Tap on accounts
  4. Tap Twitter
  5. Uncheck Synchro Twitter

Facebook demands that you disable background data in your menus. These instructions are:

  1. Turn your smartphone on
  2. Open the Facebook Settings menu
  3. Tap to Refresh Interval
  4. Never Choose Never
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