We all know about shoe types: there are many, and all of them serve different purposes. Doesn’t it sound a bit confusing?

What are the most common types of shoes?

The most popular type of shoes among all the people is a pair of sneakers. Usually, sneakers are called flip flops, rubber shoes or sport shoes. Moreover, some specialized brands such as Nike, Inc. manufactures sneakers which are specifically made for sports purposes. Another category of shoes is also casual footwear. Well, not all shoes can be worn on all dresses. Shoe introduces different styles to the wearer. Typically, they’re semi open and closed shoes. The inner part of these shoes are lined with either a piece of leather or synthetic material to keep the wearer’s feet warm and dry. open-toe shoes are sometime regarded as more casual than that of closed toe shoes. But it’s not correct. One need not worry about that because many shoes can be worn on all dresses.

Boots – boots are the most typical kind of shoes that people wear during the winter season. These are the shoes that are commonly found in the market. Boots are the best example for men to keep their feet warm and comfortable during the cold season. Moreover, another advantage of boot is that you can wear them on many occasions without any hassle. Modern people wear boots to look more fashionable and trendier.

Sandals – they’re the most common type of shoes among women. Initially, sandals are flat sandals which are designed from Aqua-Sole and we find them in different sizes. Today, sandals are basically casual footwear which is less expensive.

Heels – for women, high heels are the most commonly used kind of shoes. There are many women who prefer to wear high heels daily. Honestly speaking, it’s a great way to exhibit one’s fashion-savvy side. However, it has also been proven to be the most dangerous the wearer’s feet. Though it would be hard to walk in these high heels, it’s still the most preferred choice.

Flats – they’re basically casual shoes without heels. It’s the best shoes to help you improve your comfort level. Casual shoes such as flip-flops are the most preferred in the world.

Achers – function in a similar way to that of sandals. However, they don’t provide the same level of comfort as sandals.

Flat Shoes – there are more varieties of flat shoes such as kitten heels, ballerina,peep-toe and so on. Ballet shoes also belong to this category.

Pumps – they’re the most common shoes among those mentioned above. Their major function is to give the buyers a total feminine look. They can be worn practically anywhere and they’re not too feminine to make men go berserk. Certainly, these shoes are a big turn off.

Sandals – like flats are the most popular among the women. But unlike the flat shoes, sandals are a little sophisticated and provide a thoroughgoing practicality at the same time.

Stilettos – are the highest of all the women’s shoes. They look simply sexy on most women. As a woman, one of the most sought after attributes is sex appeal, and most men love women who have them. Stilettos are the ultimate sexy shoes.

Good shoes are a necessity to complete a woman’s outfit. Shoes can completely change the look of an attire. Moreover, you can wear different pair of shoes for different occasions. However, you should buy the best quality of shoes.

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